Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme Jharkhand 2021-22, धोती-साड़ी Distribution

Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme Jharkhand 2021-22, धोती-साड़ी Distribution: सोना सोबरन धोती साड़ी स्कीम 2021-22 फॉर्म , Sona Sobran scheme apply online, Beneficiary list, distribution date.

The Jharkhand state cabinet on 16 October 2020 resumed implementation of Jharkhand “Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme” 2021-22. Under this scheme, respective state government of Jharkhand promised one dhoti and one saree to approximately 57 lakh families at subsidised price of Rs. 10, twice in an year.

This scheme was first introduced by former Chief Minister Hemant Soren under UPA government in in 2014. Later after an year, it was discontinued by Raghubar Das government but Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) promised to resume it in their election manifesto.

Recently on 14 august Jharkhand cm launch this sona sobaran dhoti saree scheme. Around 16000 saree and 16000 dhoti, lungi distributed amoung the people on 24 august 2021.

As per reports a total sum of Rs 200 crore will be spent on Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree scheme in the ongoing fiscal year. Further cabinet secretary informed about the plan to extend the benefits of this scheme to families benefiting under National Food Security Act (NFSA) scheme via Public Distribution Shops (PDS).

Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme Jharkhand 2021-22

This particular initiative by Jharkhand State government would provide Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme to poor people of Jharkhand twice in an year and thereby reduce their livelihood expense. Same money could be utilised by these families for meeting other essential requirements for livelihood.

Therefore this scheme will benefit poor families to a great extent during this time of Covid 19 crisis and allow them to meet basic necessities required by any being.

This motivates other State governments to take up such innovative tasks of helping families under Below Poverty Line (BPL), especially during this hour of crisis when COVID 19 has already deepened poverty to a heavy extent.

These type of support systems are necessary for poor people and should be provided by the respected governments.

Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme
Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme

Further other initiatives such as exemption of road tax will promote transport sector and provide great relief to them. Moreover capacity of milk production and distribution with enhance by MoU that is signed regarding dairy sector.

Although deferring of State government food security scheme will have negative effects such as hunger stricken poverty but we hope for sooner implementation of State Food Security Scheme.

Name Of the SchemeSona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme
Announced ByMukhyamantri Hemant Soren
Announcement Date16 October 2020
BenefitsDhoti , Lungi, Saree
BeneficiariesBPL Families
Distribution DateAnnounced Soon

mukhyamantri shramik yojana jharkhand

झारखण्ड धोती-साड़ी योजना Features

Following are the major features of Jharkhand Sona Dhoti Saree Scheme:

  • Under Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme respective State Government of Jharkhand will provide one dhoti or lungi and one saree to people.
  • Major beneficiaries of this scheme would be Below Poverty Line (BPL) families coming under NFSA.
  • As per the present reports, this scheme would benefit approximately 57.10 lakh people
  • This provision of providing sarees and dhotis would be given twice in an year.
  • These clothes as per decided that are Sarees and dhotis would be given at subsidized price of Rs. 10.
  • State government of Jharkhand has allocated Rs. 200 crore from budget for this scheme

Jharkhand Sona Sobran Eligibility Criteria

Following is the eligibility criteria for availing benefits of “सोना सोबरन धोती साड़ी योजना”

  • Beneficiary should belong to BPL family
  • Beneficiary must be registered under NFSA scheme.

सोना सोबरन धोती साड़ी योजना Application Process

For availing the benefits of Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme , you won’t have to apply for the scheme specifically.

  • Automatically persons who are registered under National Food Security Act ( NFSA) and belong to BPL families will receive Sarees and lungis or dhotis via Public Distribution System (PDS).
  • Government will provide the benefits of this scheme for next 2 years

Other Initiatives By Jharkhand State Government

These are the other initiatives taken by Jharkhand state government while introducing Jharkhand Sona Sorban Dhoti Saree Scheme.

  • Cabinet of Jharkhand State Government also made another significant decision of giving tax relief to transporters. Due to lockdown, buses and trucks and other vehicles did not operate due to complete restriction on movement of vehicles.
  • Therefore Jharkhand State Government approved waiving off road tax of vehicles who didn’t operate during lockdown period which was imposed due to Covid 19 spread.
  • State government of Jharkhand also approved revision of Bagu Hatu irrigation project in Jamshedpur area. Around 30 crore would be spent on construction.
  • Cabinet of State Government also approved Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between State Cooperative Milk Producer Federation (SCMPF) and National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). This MoU will renew logistic as well as technical partnership until 2024.
  • This step of Jharkhand State Government will enhance collection of milk and its processing capacity by another 1.5 lakh litre.
  • While Jharkhand Government approved  so many requests and proposals, it deferred implementation of Jharkhand State Food Security Scheme (SFSS). On 15 November 2020 that is statehood day, SFSS was scheduled to be implemented.
  • Provision of 5 kg subsidised food grains to additional 15 lakh households was promised under this scheme but due to technical issues as cited by Jharkhand State Government  it has been delayed.

Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Distribution

The distribution process for Jharkhand Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme will start very soon. State Government of Jharkhand is now all set to provide the dhoti saree for the people who belongs to BPL families. You will get the dhoti and saree for only rupees 10 for next coming two years.

Those who wants to get the information regarding Sona sobran distribution date, in the beneficiary list the need to stick on this site for few days we will soon provide you the all information regarding this article.

सोना सोबरन Yojana Jharkhand

Those who have already filled online application form for Sona sobran Dhoti Saree scheme 2020 they are now waiting for the application status. After filling the online application form, the concerned department will verify your application then update the online status.

जैसे की हम सभी जानते हैं कि झारखंड के मुख्यमंत्री हेमंत सोरेन ने लोगों के लिए सोना शोभन धोती और साड़ी योजना की शुरुआत की है जिसके अंतर्गत वह मात्र केवल ₹10 में गरीब लोगों के परिवारों को धोती साड़ी प्रदान करेंगे । इस योजना के अंतर्गत झारखंड सरकार 57 लाख ऐसे परिवारों को सहायता प्रदान करेगी ।

कैबिनेट सचिव अजय कुमार सिंह ने यह भी बताया कि लाभार्थियों को धोती और साड़ी अपनी पंचायतों में और बार तक कैंप लगाकर वितरित किए जाएंगे ।

NOTE: If you want to get more information about this Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme stay with us in the future. We will update any new information as soon as government announces it. You can also bookmark our website for early updates. Remain Connected.


What is the distribution date for Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme?

State Government of Jharkhand will soon release the distribution date of dhoti saree scheme Jharkhand. For more information read this article on our website.

Who will get the benefit of this dhoti sarees scheme Jharkhand ?

All the peoples who belongs to below poverty line category are eligible under sona sobran dhoti saree Lungi scheme 2020.

What is the price for dhoti saree Lungi ?

You need to pay 10 rupees for this dhoti, saree, and Lungi.

What is the application procedure for Sonar sobaran yojana 2021 ?

Online application procedure you need to read this article still and you will hear provide you all the information regarding dhoti sarees scheme Jharkhand application form.

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