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Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme 2023, AP YSR LED Street Light Apply Online

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State Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced “Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme” to install LED lights on streets of Andhra Pradesh. This scheme will enhance the infrastructure of the streets of Andhra Pradesh and allow streets to be more visible during night preventing accidents and other robbery related events. This initiative will also ensure safety to women during night time.

In this article, we will highlight the important highlights along with major benefits promised under YSR Jagananna Palle velugu scheme as introduced by the respected Andhra Pradesh state government. Therefore to understand the important benefits, application status, and objectives along with features of this scheme, read this article very carefully till the end.

 Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme 2023

Andhra Pradesh YSR Jagananna Palle velugu scheme would be a great initiative of Andhra Pradesh government as it will improve the lightening infrastructure of roads of Andhra Pradesh. Moreover it has environmental benefits along with low cost maintenance benefits. Implementation  of this scheme will help Andhra Pradesh to take care of women safety.

And along with reduction in incidents of robbery. Introduction of Complaint Monitoring system and recruitment of energy assistances by government of the state will further help it to sustain the benefits of this initiative for long term as fixing of the bulbs would be ensured by these energy assistances even after the completion of implantation of this scheme

Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme
Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme

In crux we can say that AP YSR Palle velugu scheme will reap multiple benefits to the people residing in the state of Andhra Pradesh. State governments of other states must inspire from state government of Andhra Pradesh. And introduce such initiatives and create infrastructure benefits of the state.

The goals of reduction of dark spots in the state. And environment protection, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost would be addressed by the Andhra Pradesh government by this initiative of AP YSR Jagananna Palle velugu scheme.

Amma Vodi district-wise beneficiary list

Objective Of AP YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme

Following mentioned are the objectives of YSR Jagananna Palle velugu scheme:

  • This scheme aims to strengthen the road infrastructure of Andhra Pradesh
  • This scheme objects to replace the ordinary street lights with LED lights which contain no toxic elements such as mercury etc
  • It also aims to decrease dark spots in the state thereby preventing incidents of theft etc.
  • The objects to save energy of Andhra Pradesh as these LED lights consume very less energy.
  • It also aims to reduce maintenance costs of infrastructure associate with Andhra Pradesh

AP YSR LED Lights Scheme Application Form

The whole registration procedure will be updated soon in our website. We will share the latest information of AP YSR Palle Velugu Scheme application form.

  • Under YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu scheme, Andhra Pradesh state government will install approximately four lakh street LED lights.
  • Since LED lights do not consume toxic elements such as mercury, this initiative will prove beneficial to environment
  • Another benefit with these LED lights is that they don’t possess any filament, therefore diminishing the risk of filament burning and further fuse of bulbs.
  • Around 2000 lanes of Andhra Pradesh roads will be illuminated via this initiative of Andhra Pradesh government
  • It is also estimated that around 2.7 lakh villages would be benefited via this initiative of Andhra Pradesh state government.
  • For repair and maintenance work of these lights, state government of Andhra Pradesh government would recruit around 7000 energy assistances.
Benefits Of YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme

Following mentioned are the major benefits to be given under YSR Jagananna Pallet Velugu Scheme :

  • LED lights will illuminate streets of Andhra Pradesh during nights thus ensuring women to walk safely at night also. It will allow women to move safely at night.
  • Most of the villages where street lights do not exist at all would be benefitted by this scheme to a great extent. It may prevent robbery and other such incidents prevalent on village roads during night time specially.
  • AP YSR Jagananna Palle velugu initiative will decrease dark spots present on the streets of Andhra Pradesh. And illuminate each and every corner of the state
  • There are around 2000 areas across state of Andhra Pradesh where lights on street were desperately needed. This initiative of state government will enrich these areas with LED lights.
  • Maintenance costs would be reduced since no filament is present inside these bulbs. Burning of filament cause the bulb to fuse

Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme Apply Online

This is a new scheme launched by the Andhra Pradesh government. Under this the state government is going to provide street LED lights.

The people need to fill the online application form and get register themselves on the official website of Jagananna Palle Velugu scheme 2023. till now there is no further information regarding this scheme. So you have to wait for some time till further notification. so stay connected with us.

AP YSR Badugu Vikasam Scheme

AP YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Complaint Monitoring System

Cabinet committee of Andhra Pradesh government has also introduced complaint monitoring system for this scheme. It was necessary for them to introduce complaint monitoring system along with YSR Jagananna Palle velugu scheme.

Because once the work of the implementation of any scheme gets over, there is no one to take further responsibility of the obstructions that come after the scheme is implemented by the government. Therefore in a high level meeting which was headed by Minister of Ministry of Rural Development and Panchyati raj Mr Reddy took this decision of introducing Complaint Monitoring system.

Complaint Monitoring system is the system by which people of Andhra Pradesh can complaint about the LED bulbs if they fail to work. Since 80% of public representatives represented their dissatisfaction over the repair and working of bulbs of street. It became necessary for Andhra Pradesh govt to introduce complaint monitoring system.

Andhra Palle Velugu Helpline Number

Complaint Monitoring System will involve around 7000 village secretaries to address issues of people putting complaints regarding LED lights. These energy assistances will be specially deputed to take complaints of street lights that stop working.

After taking these complaints, energy assistances will replace non working lights with working street lights. This will ensure long term benefits of Andhra Pradesh YSR Jagananna Palle velugu initiative of Andhra Pradesh govt.

Jagananna Pallevelugu Application status 2023

Under this new initiative of Andhra Pradesh government, the applicants can easily apply on the official portal launched by the state government. To check the status of your application form you need to wait for some time. till now their is no notification regarding the Jagananna Palle velugu Application status 2023. Government will soon release the full detail of this scheme. so you have to stick on our website.

  • NOTE: If you want to get more information about Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme and its latest updates, stay with us in the future. You can also bookmark our website for early updates. Remain Connected


What is YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu scheme 2023 ?

This is a new scheme launched by the Andhra Pradesh government under which the state is going to provide OR implement LED lights on streets of Andhra Pradesh. This will help to enhance the infrastructure of the streets.

What is YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme Helpline Number ?

For the helpline number the people need to read this article. The state government has launched AP YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu complaint monitoring system. Under which the people can easily register their complaints about LED bulbs if they fail to work.

How many LED street lights will be provided by the Andhra government under this scheme?

The state government is going to install more than 4 lacs LED street lights in the ruler areas to prevent the crimes in the nights.

How Do I check the Palle velugu scheme application status 2023

For this the applicant need to visit the official website portal, and search for the application status link.

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